Woman accused of using ex-husband’s frozen sperm

In a rare case, an Abu Dhabi court on Sunday heard accusations by a man against his ex-wife that she used his frozen sperm at a local hospital to have a baby without his approval, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The unnamed man told court he had already acknowledged paternity of the two-year-old daughter who was born at that hospital but accused his ex-wife and the hospital of acting without his knowledge.

The man said he and his ex-wife had undergone insemination treatment at that hospital but that it produced no results, leading to the divorce of the couple.

“The man is accusing his wife of acting without his approval but agreed to acknowledge that he is the biological father of that baby although he is now married to another woman,” Emirat Alyoum daily said.

It quoted the husband’s lawyer as asking the judge to take action against that hospital and to have the Abu Dhabi Health Authority supply court with results of its investigation into that case. The paper said the court adjourned hearings to November 7.

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