Woman arrested for posting indecent images on social media

An Asian woman was arrested recently after posting vulgar pictures of herself on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts on social media.
Speaking to Emirates 24|7, a source from Al Ameen Secret Police Service of Dubai Police said that recently, they received series of complaints from the public regarding this woman.
“We received complaints about this woman. She had Snapchat and Instagram accounts and she used a nickname which indicated that she was a GCC national.”
He added that they referred the case to the Electronic Crimes Section of Dubai Police, and they have started the investigations.
“Their investigation showed that the public complaints were true, and that she was posting vulgar pictures on her account. She also had huge number of followers on social media. She was posting pictures of different parts of her body, without showing her face. We then got permission from the Public Prosecution and got her arrested.”
He added that when she was arrested, she confessed and said that she was the owner of these social media accounts.
“She turned to be an Asian woman in her early twenties, and she confessed and said she did not know that posting these pictures were illegal. She said that she thought it was fine.”
The source pointed out that the public should be aware of such things, and they should not post vulgar pictures of themselves or others on their social media accounts.
“The public can post pictures on their social media accounts, but must be careful not to break the laws which clearly says not to post vulgar pictures.”
He added that the woman was charged for posting indecent pictures, and encouraging others to do shameful acts.
“She was referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.”
Another source from the Dubai Police Electronic Forensic Section said that they investigated the evidence, and found out that the woman whom they arrested was the one who posted her pictures on social media. “We were able to do so after matching her hands and feet with the picture posted on social media. She was also known for posting her pictures with henna designs on her hands and feet, and this was another piece of evidence that ensured that she was the owner of the suspected social media accounts.”

(Image via Shutterstock)

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