Woman raped by four men in desolate desert area

Four men, including two Emiratis, one Oman and a Saudi, abducted an Uzbek woman to a desolate desert area in Abu Dhabi and took turns in raping her before stealing her money and jewelry, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The woman told court that she met an Emirati at a night party through his girl friend and that she later accepted his offer to give her a lift because he sounded nice, the Arabic language daily Albayan said.

In the car, she got a shock when another man hiding under the back seat emerged out and grabbed her hair, she told court.

The two then took her to a remote desert area, where they raped her many times. They then phoned two friends, who came and raped her.

When the judge asked the woman why she did not use her long nails in resisting them, she replied that they are artificial nails.

“She took off the nails and showed them to the judge…she told court that she could not resist because it was a remote area and the four had threatened to kill her…they also seized her mobile phone,” the paper said.

It said the Emirati defendant denied the rape charges, saying that he paid her Dh500 to come with him and that he had sex with her at her own will. He also denied she was raped by the other three.

The paper said hearings were adjourned to August 13 to allow the victim and the defendants to get lawyers.

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