Women jailed for fake medical test in Dubai

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced two Filipino women to three months in jail after finding them guilty of impersonation.

One of them presented herself for a medical fitness test for the other who was infected with a contagious disease.

RS, 33, and JD, 41, will be deported after serving their jail term.

According to the records, RS, 33, housemaid, agreed to take the other’s passport and medical health certificate application and to go to the Karama Health Centre to undergo the medical test instead of her friend, JD, saleswoman, to enable the latter to renew her residence visa.

RS submitted the medical test application and the passport of JD to the centre’s employee so that former’s blood sample will be taken for the test.

MB, 34, Indian employee at the health centre, noticed that the picture on the application and the passport were not of the woman standing in front of her.

When confronted, RS admitted that she was trying to give her blood sample as her friend JD had a contagious disease. 

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