Work with me or I'll kill you, man threatens rival

A 36-year-old Afghani, HMK, allegedly threatened to kill a manager if he refused to resign from his current job and not join him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim SJA, 42, Pakistani, testified that the accused had threatened him verbally many times and the last one was on March 4.

“Leave the country or I will put you in a drug case which means 25 years in jail as I have connections with CID staff. Leave the country or I will kill you. I had earlier asked you to leave the country. Why you did not leave the country? I will burn you and your shop,” the Afghan threatened.

“The last threat was made when he came to my herbal shop in Naif area in the presence of two persons. The accused wanted me to work with him in his herbal products company,” the victim testified.

ZKM, 45, Pakistani salesman, testified that the accused used to come to the shop and threaten the victim in Urdu telling him to “leave Dubai or I will not leave you. Leave Dubai or I will burn the shop.”

The court will reconvene on August 1.

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