Worker 'kills' sleeping friend... for Dh6,000

A 25-year-old Bangladeshi worker, MIA, allegedly killed his friend by stabbing him several times in his accommodation in Al Quoz area over Dh6,000 stolen from him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Four other Bangladeshis identified as RD,29, worker, ASM, 32, driver, BMH, 26, worker, AA, 28, worker, and an Omani identified ISA, 24, technician allegedly provided shelter to the accused.

MIA stayed with the victim Kamal Hussain who was not going to work because he was unwell. MIA took a knife and stabbed the victim while he was sleeping on June 20, 2011.

The crime’s scene showed that there was blood on the wall next to the bed as well as on the bed. The body was lying on the floor in a pool of blood and was discovered by workers in the accommodation. The accused, who was seen with him the night before, was not found.

A forensic doctor testified that the victim sustained four deep stabs that entered his chest and belly cavities and caused internal bleeding that led to his death. The victim also sustained other three wounds in his legs that were of defensive nature.

The accused claimed that he had a fight with the victim and so he stabbed, though he did not want to kill him. He claimed that the victim hit him and scratched him with his nails.

However, forensic experts refuted his claims as no supportive evidence was found while checking his body. Some scratches on his shoulder were very recent and could have appeared after the crime.

Police found out that the accused had left for Sharjah and then to Al Ain from where he fled the country to Oman with the help of the other accused.

In coordination with the Oman authorities, the accused was arrested and handed over to the UAE authorities.

AKA, worker, testified that days before the crime, he had received a call from MIA telling him that Dh6,000 that he had kept in a wooden book in the room were missing.

“He was crying and very sad  because of the loss of money and asked me to search for the money. I told him that I will do that after I finish work. I asked all workers in the accommodation but no one knew anything about the amount,” he testified.

“I called back MIA and told him that. He suspected the victim and his relative who saw the amount when he opened the box to get a CD player. I asked the victim Kamal Hussain about the amount and the later denied stealing the money so I notified the supervisor who in turn reported the theft to the police,” he testified.
“Police came and questioned the workers. Four days later, I left the accommodation at around 5.30am and when I returned at around 7pm I could not get into the room as it was locked. I suspected that it was locked from inside. I called the victim on his mobile because he used to arrive before me, but did not get any answer.

“Another worker, who was the accused’s relative, told me that MIA called him and told him that he had assaulted Kamal Hussain and that he had asked him not to return to the accommodation because he might be attacked in revenge.

“We tried to open the door and as we could not, we reported that to the supervisor who, with the help of the security officer, entered the room from the window and found out the victim’s body. So the police was called,” testified the worker.

The other accused people admitted to sheltering and smuggling the accused out of the country. However, they denied knowing that he had killed someone.

The court ordered appointment of a defence lawyer and adjourned the case until October 21.

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