Workers made hole in wall to enter company office

A 30-year-old Bangladeshi worker, MSD, with other two others, is accused of making a hole in the wall of his company’s office and stealing mobile phones and CDs, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

JHS, 37, Indian, owner of the company, testified that on February 19, 2009, he received a call from a worker at around 4.30am telling him that the offices of the factory located near Ras Al Khor been robbed.

“A big whole had been made in the wall through which the thieves much have entered the office. They broke a safe and stole from it mobile phones and CDs. They attempted the break the other safe but it seems they failed,” he testified.

He suspected five of his former workers who had left the company and whose passports were kept with him.

Police arrested JS who confessed to the theft along with five others. They had climbed the fence and proceeded to the company’s office. They made a hole in the wall so they can pass through into the office. When they got in, they broke a small safe and they stole two mobile phones and CDs that were kept inside. They attempted to break a big safe but failed. They left the place and headed to Al Aweer and agreed that MM would sell the stolen items and divide the proceeds among them.
MM, however, denied the accusation.

The court had convicted the two and awarded them one year in jail. However, MM appealed the sentence and the court reduced the sentence to six months. Both were ordered to be deported after serving their jail terms.

The records did not mention how MSD was later arrested.

The Court will give its verdict at end of this month.


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