1,000 tribesmen seek pardon for killer


Nearly 1,000 tribesmen in Saudi Arabia packed a farm to ask the father of a murdered boy to pardon the killer before he is beheaded in the Gulf Kingdom shortly. But the father rejected the plea and insisted on the execution of the killer.

The clan chiefs and other dignitaries from Qahtan tribes in the southern province of Asir marched towards the farm of the man whose son was killed nearly two years ago by Mohammed Al Qahtani from Qahtan tribe. After hesitation, he agreed to talk to them.

“After a meeting of more than two hours, the victim’s father rejected their pleas and insisted on the execution of the killer,” Sharq newspaper said.

Qahtani was sentenced to death two years ago and could be beheaded shortly after the victim’s father rebuffed all previous mediation efforts to pardon him in return for diya (blood money).

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