12-year-old kidnapped and molested

Colombo: A 47-year-old estate worker kidnapped a 12-year-old child, held her captive and molested her for days, reported ‘Sunday Mawbima’.

The suspect had sought employment at the estate only three weeks ago. The owner had employed him without verifying his identity. The 12-year-old was living along with her parents adjacent to the suspect’s room on the estate.

After confirming that the child’s mother was not at home, the suspect met the girl when she returned from school and told her that her mother was hospitalized.

The unsuspecting child accompanied him, believing him, in the hope of seeing her mother.

Instead, he took her far away and began molesting her.

The child’s parents filed police report and it was only after four days that she was found.

An alert person at Thanamalwila bus station happened to notice the suspect’s abnormal behaviour with the child and alerted police.

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