2-year-old girl crushed under car driven by dad

A two-year-old Saudi girl was crushed to death under the tyres of a car driven by her father while trying to park his vehicle at his house in the Gulf Kingdom.

The man was moving back his car to park it inside his house in the southern town of Samita when he hit his daughter who was standing in the rear.

“The man said he did not notice his daughter while he was reversing his car…police considered it as an accident,” Sabq daily said.
Energy drinks claim 2nd victim in Saudi
A 46-year-old Bangladeshi man died after having an energy drink to become the second victim of the beverage in the Gulf Kingdom.

Doctors said they tried to save the man’s life but his heart stopped and did not respond to treatment, adding that tests showed he had an energy drink just before he was admitted to hospital in the western Saudi town of Medina.

The Arabic language daily Al Hayat said the Bangladeshi was the second victim of energy drinks in Saudi Arabia. Nearly three months ago, a Saudi man was reported to have died after having a large quantity of such drinks.

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