73-year-old man rapes 14-year-old girl

Egyptian police has arrested a 73-year old real estate broker after he raped a 14-year-old girl, the Arabic newspaper Al Youm Al Sabea’a has reported.

The accused admitted that he raped the girl several times after luring her to his apartment, which got her pregnant.

Cairo’s Doky police station has received a complaint from a tailor accusing the real estate broker, who was his friend, of raping his daughter.

He added that his daughter and wife had visited a doctor because the girl had complained of stomach pain. “We were shocked when the doctor told us that our daughter is three months pregnant.”

He said his daughter had admitted that the broker had taken her to his apartment and raped her more than once.

The police arrested the suspect who has confessed to committing the crime.

Meanwhile, the Doky public prosecutor heard the girl’s statement that the accused used to give her chocolates and other gifts.

She revealed that the broker lured her to his flat by pretending he had a parcel for delivering to her father.

“He assaulted on me sexually and I was bleeding. I was scared of what would happen if my mother came to know about it,” the girl told the public prosecutor. 

The girl said that the accused blackmailed her and raped her five times after threatening to publicise pictures and videos that he took while assaulting her.

The prosecution received a medical report said the girl is sixth months pregnant.

The girl's father said he and his wife had taken her from an orphanage and adopted her since they did not have children.

He added that he and the accused became friends after the latter used to visit his house often.


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