Abducted Algerian girl's mutilated body found

A nine-year old Algerian girl was kidnapped, killed and her mutilated corpse dumped near a tomb in a graveyard, according to the ‘Al Shorouk’ Arabic newspaper.

Shaima’a Yousefi was watching TV with her mother in their home in Al Malmah town when knocks on the door were heard. The girl ran to open the door and was abducted by the intruders.

The mother said she heard the daughter crying and begging the abductors to release her. The mother ran out of the house to seek neighbours’ help but, by then, the abductors had disappeared with her child.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that some parts of the girl’s body had been cut off. The dead body was found by visitors to the graveyard.

Rumours were heard the girl may have been brutally raped by the kidnappers.

The incident happened in a region known for lack of security. Three men in car tried to kidnap to young women recently.


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