Bizarre: Maid mixes glass in children's food

Kuwaiti police arrested a Filipina housemaid for mixing food prepared for her employer’s children with glass before she was discovered by their mother.

The mother told police in the capital Kuwait City that she was shocked when she saw the maid mixing glass with her children’s food, adding that the servant pretended to be epileptic to escape punishment.

“At hospital, doctors found that the maid was normal and that she was simply pretending to be ill…the children’s father later asked police to deport the maid immediately,” Alwatan Arabic language daily said without mentioning why the Filipina was trying to harm those children.

Man murders sister in front of her baby

A Saudi man stabbed his elder sister to death in front of her three-year-old daughter following an argument at her house in the Gulf Kingdom.

Residents in the eastern port of Dammam rushed to the woman’s house after her housemaid went to the street screaming for help.

Police later arrested the 41-year-old killer, who admitted of murdering his 49-year-old sister after a quarrel at her home.

“Police are interrogating the man about his real motives for the murder which moved the whole neighborhood,” Alsaudeh daily said.