Bizarre: Mother kills toddler to live with her lover

EGYPT: An Egyptian housewife killed her two-year-old toddler and dumped the body near a sweage canal, where dogs tore the body apart before it was discovered by cops in a decomposed state.

According to a report in Al Youm Al Sabea’a, the woman resorted to the extreme step in order to divorce her husband and marry her boyfriend.

The incident came to light when her 51-year-old husband reported his child missing. He alleged that the toddler was staying with his wife who lived separately ever since he learnt about her illicit relationship. He, however, visited his daughter frequently. But off late, his wife had been hiding the child and denying him the meeting.

The 29-year-old labourer, who has been arrested, confessed to helping the woman dump the toddler's body near a sewage canal. He also added that she allegedly used her hands to strangle the child to death.

The woman admitted to being in an illicit relationship with the second accused, but denied killing her daughter.


Man, 80, to undergo sex change

BRITAIN: A man is plannig to change his sex at the ripe old age of 80. The series of surgeries will cost about 13,500 pounds or about $21,960.

The man who is a grandfather, four times over, will become the oldest man in Britain to go through the sex change procedure. He is already undergoing the hormonal therapy, reports news agency IANS.

The man wanted to becomea female when he was merely nine years old. After more than seven decades, his childhood dream is finally coming true.


Woman 'too fat to fly' sues airline

A woman who was informed by a gate agent of an airlines that she was too fat to fly has sued the carrier.

The woman told The Today Show that sometimes the airlines want her to buy two tickets, while on other occasions the same airline has allowed her to fly after she purchased a single ticket.

The woman decided to sue Southwest Airlines after she was told to purchase another ticket in November 2011, she told the show.


Still in diapers, boy, 2, can speak 3 languages

CANADA: Ever heard of a nursery grader being able to point out the capital city of Madagascar?

Well, yes, if the child in question has an IQ score of 154, which is just a few points short of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking's staggering IQ, reports

While Anthony Popa Urria's classmates are still learning nursery rhymes, he can already speak three languages, count till 1,000, list planets in the solar system, recite the alphabets backwards and forwards, solve 70-piece puzzle and generally do a lot more than a regular toddler.

In other matters, he is like other toddlers of his age. He loves having chocolate ice cream while he is perched on his colorful tricycle. 

Anthony from Calgary is the youngest person in Canada to join the ranks of the international high-IQ society, Mensa. 

Boastful motorcyclist's 170 mph joy ride ends in arrest

NEW YORK: A biker who was travelling at 170 miles per hour on the New York State Thruway was pulled over by a patrol car for overspeeding.

Instead of showing remorse, the motocyclist told the NYPD officials that his bike could do more than 190 miles per hour, reports

At the time, the biker was caught on the police radar, he was found doing 166mph. The biker was charged with overspeeding and trying to flee police officials.

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