Dad forced us to remove clothes, cry teen girls

Two teenage girls in Egypt filed a complaint against their father for attempted rape.

According to a report in 'Al Youm Al Sabea’a' newspaper, neighbours heard screams from their home - situated within Qalyoub police station limits - and interfered only to discover that the father was standing without his clothes on. The girls aged 19 and 14 said their father tried assaulting them and removing their clothes as well.

The neighbours locked the father up until police came. However, the 55-year-old man denied the accusations and said that he was merely changing his clothes and did not force them to remove theirs.

The man has been detained for four days until investigations are completed.

Teens kill granny to steal her gold

Two young Egyptian boys killed their 68-year-old grandmother to steal her money and jewellery, an Arabic daily ‘Youm 7’ reported.

The Egyptian police received a tip off when the teenager’s mother contacted the police station to file a missing report about her mother, ZO.

Investigations revealed that ZO was last seen with her two teenage grandsons who were taken into custody.

MO and HA, 19 and 18 respectively confessed to the crime adding that they were influenced by their 28-year-old friend, Sa who was the mastermind of the plan.

With the help of Sa who is a driver, they prepared a plot and went to meet the grandmother whom they were very fond of.

At her apartment they stabbed her with a knife several times and stole 3000 pounds and the bracelets she wore. Next, they dragged her body, placed it in a plastic bag and then set her on fire to make sure that she would not be identified.

The teens pleaded guilty and added that they regret killing their grandmother who was very kind and generous.

The boys will remain in police custody for 45 days until the court gives its final verdict.

Mother kills son who harassed her for money

An Egyptian mother killed her 18 year old son after he threatened to kill her with a knife, Arabic daily Al Ahram reported.

The victim AH, tried attacking his mother with a knife while she was asleep, when she woke up she saw her son and in self-defense grabbed the knife from his hand and struck it at his heart At the sight of her son’s body which was bleeding heavily the mother became hysterical and began crying. She even tried covering the wound to stop the bleeding.

The police was informed by the hospital staff who received the body of AH.

The wailing mother confessed to the crime adding that AH was in bad company which was under the influence of drugs. He often beat her up to get money from his widow mother.

On the day of the crime, he had been forcing her to pay 100 pounds, so that he could purchase the drugs.

The mother is currently in police custody and the case has been referred to the public prosecution


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