Dad locked up girl until she grew up to be an adult

Saudi authorities arrested a local father who locked up his little daughter for nearly 14 years in her room until she became an adult.

The man was still holding his daughter inside her room although she was grown up and police said they were investigating him to determine his motives, the Arabic language daily Sharq reported.

“What this man has done to his daughter illustrates the ugliest form of family violence,” the paper said.

Police had raided the man’s house in the western town of Yanbu and found the girl, now in her 20s, locked up in a room, supplied with a bed, fridge, toilet, a television set and other facilities.

12-year-old boy commits suicide

A 12-year-old Arab boy committed suicide by hanging himself by the window at his home in Saudi Arabia, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

His father told police that the family had to smash the door of a room after finding that it was locked from inside and his son was not replying.

“The father said that they found his son hanging by a rope tied to a window…police decided it was a suicide case,” Ajel Arabic language daily said in a report from the northwestern town of Jouf.

Wife beater ordered to memorise Quran verses

A Saudi judge ordered a local man to memorise five parts of the Quran and other Islamic books as a punishment for beating up his wife after she dropped the case against him, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The man stood trial in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah after a medical report showed his wife suffered from bruises on the body and hands.

“The wife agreed to drop the case against her husband after he paid her SR7,000 damages,” Sharq Arabic language daily.

“But the judge decided to punish the husband by ordering him to memorise five chapters of the holy Quran, 100 sayings by Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and three Islamic books….the judge gave him six months, after which he will be subjected to a test.”

Blood-stained plaster found in Saudi bread

A group of female school teachers feeling hungry went into a popular restaurant in Saudi Arabia and ordered a meal.

When one of them cut a loaf and was about to take a big bite, she froze at what she saw - a medical plaster stained with blood was stuck inside.

The teachers went mad and complained to the manager, who quickly tried to bribe them by giving their money back and offering a free meal for all of them.

"But the teachers thought they have to tell authorities about it as it could happen again…they said they hoped the restaurant would be shut as the plaster could have been used in an infectious disease,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar said in a report from the eastern region.

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