Dad slept with teen child as wife after divorce

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Saudi Arabia has launched a website where victims of incest can seek help, reported Arabic daily Al Sharq.

With the help of this website victims can approach social workers who will guide them in order to face their culprits more courageously. Moreover, they can do so without disclosing their true identity.

One girl had fallen prey to her father at the age of 14, when her parents got divorced. During separation the father had won the custody of the girl.

The traumatised lady who is now 30, took to the website to get rid of the torture she underwent for 16 years, “My father has a girlfriend with whom he lives, I live with him. He treats me like a wife. For a while I thought, he is not my real father, he is a monster,” she said in agitation.

She was also not allowed to step out of the house alone, as her father believed that she would let down the family. Only time she went out was with her father when he wanted to fulfill his desires.

“He would take me with him and then molest me and rape me,” she said. “I thought about running away from home but could not do so, I was not sure if anyone would believe let alone stand by me,” she wailed.

She then approached the Human Rights Commission who stood by her who approached her father, who denied all charges. “He said you are foolish,” she wept.

She added “The judge issued orders stating that I am no longer in his custody.”

At the age of 9, when girls would be dressing up their dolls, a young girl was a molested by her own father. “He looks perfectly normal and is not suffering from any mental illness, he is well educated yet he would bring me nightwear and force me to dress in front of him,” she said.

He found his daughter a groom and forced her into marriage, but the courtship did not last long and ended up in a divorce.

Fahad Al-Otaibi Director of the social protection commission said that most of the culprits are either mentally ill or addicted to drugs as this kind of behaviour from blood relations is not normal at all.

He added that the HRC is tries their best to support the victim in every possible way. “We warn the culprits, in some cases they just get scared and do not commit the offense again, or they go back home and threaten the victims,” he said.

The commission keeps in touch with the girls to rest assure that she is not harmed in anyway. “In case the act continues, we take the case to court,” he added.


Student sentenced to 8 years for molesting nanny

A young college student in Saudi was sentenced to 8 years in prison and 1,800 lashes for sexually harassing a nanny, reported UPI.

The student attempted to rape the nanny who worked in his uncle’s house in Jeddah.

The victim’s husband filed a complaint against the lad accusing him of sexually harassing his wife at her sponsor’s residence, who was also the boy’s uncle.

The paper did not disclose the nationality of the victim and arrested the student based on the charges.


Headless torsos lead cops to Chinese couple

French police said Monday they were questioning a Chinese couple who allegedly killed and dismembered another couple and dumped their headless torsos in a forest.

The pair were detained at the weekend after turning themselves in to police after a guide dog traced the torso of a woman in the popular Vincennes forest on Friday, a police source said.

Sources were quoted the couple as saying that they "killed a man and a woman", both Chinese. And based on information from them the man's torso was later found on Sunday.

The police source said the detained couple confessed to having killed and dismembered the other couple following a dispute over the dead couple's child, who they said had died earlier this month while in their care.

The couple told police that the child died accidentally and they concealed the death by putting the body in a bin bag, the source said.

They said that they fled to China shortly after the killings but returned to France because they were "overcome with remorse", the source said.

A lawyer advised the couple to surrender to police.


3 Saudi nationals arrested for raping Filipino

Three young Saudi men between the ages of 19 and 22 were arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape reported Arabic news portal Sabq.

The news website quoted the Filipino saying that he had alleged that he was abducted by three men.

He claimed that the trio covered his face and carried him to a hotel where they raped him and stole his money and laptop.


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