Daughter accuses dad of sleeping with her since when she was 10

Man accused of raping daughter for 12 years

A Kuwaiti man raped his daughter for nearly 12 years since she was a child before she decided to report him to the police although she first told authorities she did not want him to be prosecuted.

The girl, now 22, walked into a police station in Houli area in the capital Kuwait City and asked to speak to the senior officer in private.

“The girl told the officer that her father has been sleeping with her like a wife since she was 10-years old after he divorced her foreign mother,” the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alwatan said.

“She revealed that she has lost her virginity because of this…she said she wanted a solution for the problem but did not want her father to be prosecuted to avert scandal… but the police officer persuaded her otherwise.”

The paper said the girl told police that she had run away from home many times but was forced to return because she could not find another place to live.

She said her father has never stopped sleeping with her, adding that he began doing so in 2000 when he divorced his wife.

Two men caught in 'indecent act'

Saudi Arabia’s feared Islamic police arrested two young local men after catching them involved in an “indecent act” inside their car at night.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice raided the car after receiving a phone call about suspicious moves by the two, aged 20 and 30 years, inside a car parked on a seaside road in the eastern port of Dammam.

"They caught them red handed…the two men confessed to having been involved in an indecent act,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Kabar said without giving further details.

Man commits suicide with dad's gun

A young Saudi man used his father’s gun to commit a suicide at home and his father told police his son had suffered from mental problems.

Doctors raced against time to save the man who was admitted with a shot in the chest at a government hospital in the southern town of Balgarashi.

He was later moved to King Fahd hospital in nearby city of Baha but died later after he lost much blood, Sabq newspaper said.

“She said her mother returned to her home country and has never come back to Kuwait….she told the officer she wanted a solution but she did not want to file a case…the officer convinced her that the best thing is to file a case because this is an irrational situation and the law must intervene…she finally agreed and the police are taking measures to get her father.”

Boy drowns in water tank at home

An eight-year-old Saudi boy died after drowning in a large water tank at his family’s farm in the Gulf Kingdom, a newspaper said on Saturday.

His father, who was searching for the boy after missing him for an hour, found him in the tank and quickly plucked him out.

“But the boy has already died…his father rushed him to the hospital but doctors told him he was dead,” Sabq daily said in a report from the western town of Kharma.


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