Dead fox hung on Saudi traffic board

Drivers on a key Saudi motorway were surprised to see a dead fox tied to a large traffic board, the latest in a series of killings and torture of foxes in the Gulf Kingdom.

Many drivers called the police to report the dead animal which was tied to a board in the northwestern province of Tabuk.

“The fox has apparently been killed by someone, who hanged him there to defy authorities,” Sabq newspaper said.

The incident followed the publication of a film showing two Saudi men burning a fox alive in a cage. Another film showed a man torturing a fox for killing his chicken.

Woman fined for turning wife against husband

A Saudi court fined a local woman who tried to turn her friend against her husband by sending her fiery texts through WhatsApp. But the husband said he would appeal for stronger punishment.

The woman from the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah was found guilty of texting her friend advising her “to disobey her husband, not serve him, pretend that you do not want to talk to him and tell him you are fed up with him,” Arar newspaper said.

The paper did not specify the fine but said the woman was also made to write a statement pledging not to repeat such “instigations.”

“The husband said he would appeal the verdict so the woman will be jailed and lashed…he said her messages nearly caused him to divorce his wife.”

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