Dh1m stolen from money supply van

Man to donate half his wealth. (Shutterstock)

Thieves stalking a new victim in Saudi Arabia thought it was their lucky day when a money supply van parked near the road and its two guards went to pick more money without locking the door, a newspaper reported on Friday.

As the driver and his colleague disappeared into the building in the Northeastern town of Hafr Al Batin, a Toyota came close to the van, stopped for a while and shot away. When the two guards returned, they were shocked to find the bag containing SR1 million (Dh1m) had gone.

The van was collecting money from some companies for a local bank when the robbery took place, the Arabic language daily ‘Sabq’ said.

“We are searching for a Toyota Camry…we believe it is involved in the robbery,” police spokesman Colonel Ziad Al Rugaiti told the paper.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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