Egyptian dad kills little daughter, accuses neighbour

An Egyptian man murdered his five-year-old daughter after she started to scream when he locked her up in a deserted warehouse in a bid to extort money from his neighbor by accusing him of kidnapping her, a newspaper in the Arab country said on Monday.

The 30-year-old father stabbed his daughter in the neck after she started to scream inside the warehouse in the eastern town of Sohag, Al Masri Alyoum said.

He then phoned the police and claimed his 35-year-old neighbor, a mechanic, has abducted his daughter for ransom.

“He accused his neighbor of kidnapping his daughter but when the neighbor refused to pay him, the father phoned the police,” the paper said.

“But investigation led police to new clues showing the father and his cousin, 42, killed his daughter…the father later confessed to his crime.”

(Home page image courtesy Shutterstock)

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