Girl in suicide attempt to press for marriage

A Saudi girl used a kitchen knife to slash her wrist veins after her two younger sisters got married while she waited in vain for a husband.

The unnamed girl contacted a local scholar who arranges for marriages in her town and told him she would kill herself after he managed to get grooms for her two younger sisters but failed to arrange the same for her.

Sheikh Bandar Al Yehya said he was surprised by the girl’s letter but thought she was just bluffing to force her family to look for a husband for her.
"I could not stop thinking of that girl…when I called her father and asked him if he would like me to fund a husband for his daughter, he told me that she is lying in hospital after she slashed her wrist veins,” Al Yehya told the Saudi Arabic language daily 'Sabq'.

I" asked him why she had done this and he told me that she was very upset because her little sisters have married while she has not.”

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