Husband chops wife up for 'in bed' comment

Man died due to fracture in the neck and 7th vertebrae. (Shutterstock)

A 37-year-old Egyptian contractor killed his wife with a cleaver and chopped her body into four parts, reported Egypt’s Dostor newspaper.

The horrific incident occurred after the couple was involved in a heated altercation. The husband claims that his wife questioned his virility in bed and also derided his poor financial status.

The victim allegedly also compared him with her first husband who she claimed was a better performer in bed.

The man could not take the insults anymore and in a fit of rage he killed her with a cleaver, which is generally used to cut meat.

Later, he not only chopped her body into four parts but also cut her tongue out and dumped the body in a remote area near the village border.

The horrendous incident came to light when villagers informed the police about a body that they had found. She was identified by her neighbours as Nadia S. The husband was found absconding from the village when the police went in search of him.

Further police probe revealed that the husband and wife did not have cordial relations and there was animosity between them. The husband, Imam Abu Shaleeta, was tracked down and arrested.

He broke down during interrogation and admitted chopping his wife into pieces for daring to question his manhood.

The husband revealed that they had started their final argument when the duo had gone to the city to get their new car registered.

The issue escalated and he lost his head when his wife made fun of him which left him vulnerable sexually and financially.

The husband admits not feeling any remorse or guilt over killing his wife so brutally and admitted he would do the same and not hesitate killing her again and again no matter how many times the same situation came up to stare at him.

The case has been referred to the prosecutor.

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