Kuwaiti actress accused of conning 4 Saudis

Agreed to marriage proposal from all, accepted cash and gifts, then turned indifferent

Four men from Saudi Arabia have indicated they will file lawsuits against a Kuwaiti actress for cheating them.

According to a report in the Kuwaiti daily Al Anba, the unnamed actress was in Saudi Arabia to shoot for a TV serial.

While there she allegedly made the four men believe, individually, that she had accepted each of their proposals of marriage.

Each of them reportedly showered her with precious gifts in kind and cash.

The report said the four men are believed to be well-known business and sports personalities.

The men claimed that after receiving the gifts and returning to Kuwait, the woman turned indifferent to their approaches.

Brit woman killed in Egypt, stuffed in cupboard

Two young Egyptian boys are accused of murdering a British woman and hidding her body in a cupboard, according to Al Youm Al Sabea’a.

The woman’s Egyptian husband contacted the police informing them that he has been unable to locate his wife.

None of the couple’s friends had seen her either.

When the man went home, he entered his apartment and found a very pungent odor.

He then checked the cupboards and found his wife’s body wrapped in a bedsheet and placed in bag.

The police immediately launched a probe and soon found the culprits identified as a 19-year old student, AA and a 29-year old man, AG, who worked with the victim’s husband. Both have criminal records.

With the intention of robbing her, the two entered the apartment, whom the British wife warmly welcomed as she knew AG.

Taking advantage of the situation and betraying her trust, they pounced on the woman and strangled her with a rope.

After making sure she had taken her last breath, they pulled a blanket from the cupboard and wrapped her in it, put her in a bag and then hid her body in the cupboard.

They stole all the money and jewellery in the house and fled.


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