Maid nearly sacrifices employer's baby

Ethiopian housemaid arrested by police for trying to hurt this baby. (Sabq)

An Ethiopian housemaid went amok, carried her Saudi employer’s seven-month-old baby, chanted for sacrifice and hurried outside with the boy before she was brought under control, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The maid was with the baby’s grandmother at their house in the western town of Makkah when she suddenly carried Turku Al Otaibi and ran outside, chanting "it's sacrifice day today… paradise... paradise,” the Arabic language daily 'Sabq' said.

The grandmother immediately phoned her son, who called the police before rushing to his house, where he was told the maid was brought under control by the police and residents of the neighbourhood, the paper said.

“They took my son off her but she was still chanting. She was later brought under control and taken away by the police. She nearly sacrificed my son,” the boy’s father Fawaz Al Otaibi told the paper.
He said the maid has been employed by him for nearly three years and that she went with the family last year to perform pilgrimage in Makkah.


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