Man burns wife, daughter after killing 3 sons

Yemeni police arrest man for murder and torture of family

A Yemeni man used a knife to torture his wife and daughter then set them on fire after murdering his three children in separate incidents at home in the capital Sanaa.

Doctors at a government hospital in Sanaa managed to save the life of the woman and her daughter, who reported the man to the police.

The wife said her husband tried to kill her and his daughter after murdering his two little sons and her unborn baby while she was pregnant.

She told police that she had not reported the murders because he had threatened to kill her and his daughter, adding that he had often taken drugs and got drunk.

She said the father killed the first son by lifting him up and banging him against the floor while he murdered the second one by pouring hot oil on him.

“I was pregnant when he forced me to lie on my back and sat on my stomach many times until I aborted….he has often by drunk and has taken drugs many times…he was forcing me and my daughter to beg and beat us up whenever we have not given him enough money,” the woman said, quoted by the Yemeni press.


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