Man faces death for sleeping with his 'ex-wife'

A Saudi man could be stoned to death if he is found guilty of sleeping with his ex-wife for nearly four months without telling her that he had divorced her.

The woman filed a case against her ex-husband and asked court in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah to give him maximum punishment for having sex with her during that period although he had divorced her nearly four months ago.
The woman, who was not identified, said her former husband told her on the last day of their relationship that he had just divorced her.
“When she went to court to check the divorce case, she was told her husband divorced her 120 days ago although he told her about the divorce a day before,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alikhbariya said.
“The woman demanded the maximum punishment of her ex-husband…court sources said that in case the man is found guilty, he could be stoned to death because what he had done amounts to the most serious adultery since she is prohibited to sleep with him unless she marries another man and is divorced again before returning to the former husband.”
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