Man kills and buries ex-wife in his bedroom

Egyptian Police arrested a man accused of killing his ex-wife and burying her body in his apartment in Al Omrania area, according to a report in 'Al Youm Al Sba’a.

Not being able to contact the mother and child for two days, family members panicked and went on a search only to discover the woman's body with injuries buried beneath the tiles inside a room in the apartment.

The little girl told her grandfather of the series of incidents that led to the death of her mother. It is alleged that when 28-year-old Redha FA was walking with her five-year-old daughter her ex-husband Mahmoud AA, 33, approached them and took them to his apartment.

However, the man denied meeting the child. Growing suspicious the family forced themselves into his apartment to search, when they found the tiles in one of his rooms freshly laid. To their shock, when they lifted the tiles, they found the injured body of the woman.

Driver killed by man after giving him lift

A Saudi man with three wives and 17 children was driving impatiently towards the capital Riyadh after a day absence from his large family when he spotted a man standing at the road shaking in the cold weather.

Saleh Al Anzi stopped his car after he saw the man, an Egyptian, hailing for a lift. He agreed to give him a lift as the Egyptian said he was heading for Riyadh.

“The Egyptian waited until it became dark and lunged at Anzi…he threatened him with a gun and put his hands around his neck and strangled him…he then stopped the car, dumped his body in the desert and drove away after taking the victim‘s money and mobile phone,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel said.

It quoted his cousin Abdullah Al Anzi as saying the incident took place just outside Riyadh on Monday evening and that body was found by a jogger.

After intensive investigation, police identified the killer and raided an apartment where he was believed to be hiding.
“He tried to use the gun but police quickly overpowered him….I was with my cousin’s family who all were crying when police rang us and said they arrested the murderer,” Abdullah said.

Under Islamic law in Saudi Arabia, a killer is executed but can walk free if pardoned by the victim’s relative in return for blood money.

Man beats girlfriend to extort Dh3m

A man in Dubai used a broom to beat up his girl friend just eight months after he knew her after she refused to give him Dh3 million.

Police arrested the man, in his 40s, after two female workers at the hair dressing saloon owned by the 51-year-old woman testified that he hit her the broom and kicked her in the stomach, 'Emarat Al Youm' newspaper said.

“The woman said he had asked her for money many times….a few days ago he came and threatened to kill her unless she gives him money….one of the employees gave him Dh6,500 and he left,” the paper said.

“Two days ago, he came back and demanded Dhthree million….after beating her up, he again asked her employees to persuade her to give him the money of he would kill her…they immediately informed the police.”

'Emarat Al Youm' did not identify the couple but said the trial of the defendant began on Tuesday and was adjourned to December 25.

Cash-strapped suspects strangle 65-yr-old for money

Cairo Police arrested four people accused of killing 65-year-old man in his home, according to 'Al Ahram' newspaper.

Ismail Hanafi's brother found his body handcuffed with injuries in his flat and alerted police.

Major General Hassan Al Souhajy, Deputy Director, General Department for Criminal Investigation, said the four suspects arrested include two men and two women.  

One of the women 19-year-old Mayada Magdy, saleswoman, confessed during investigations that she used to frequent Hanafi's house to 'entertain' him. She told police that because financial constraints forced her to hatch a plan to rob the old man and took help of the other three - Kawarshi, 40, who has a criminal record; Hicham Azab, 22, unemployed; and Khloud Gharib, 18.

One of them knocked at his door and no sooner than he opened the door than one of them pushed him down. The others immediately handcuffed and covered his face before strangling him. They made away with Egyptian £5,000 and his mobile phone.

The deceased was retired undersecretary at one of the ministries.

Teacher faces trial for hitting child with broom

A female Saudi school teacher could stand trial for beating an eight-year-old school girl with a broom, causing bruises and bleeding in her face.

Ahmed Al Mutairi said he had filed a court case against the teacher in the western town of Madina after education authorities failed to take action.

“I took my daughter to the court and filed a case…I want this teacher to be punished for what she spilling my daughter’s blood,” he said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily 'Ajel'.


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