Man kills wife at door in front of children

He sat on chair watching her dying as kids tried to save her

A Saudi man returned home late night and rang the bell. When his wife opened the door, he aimed his gun and shot her.

The shocked wife limped away but he followed her and shot her again. The woman was still alive while her husband sat on the chair for nearly three hours watching her bleeding and writhing in pain.

Weeping and begging him to save her, his two sons, aged 4 and 6 years, rushed to their mother and tried to stop the bleeding as their father was still sat on the chair watching them. At dawn, he finally called the ambulance.

“The wife died on the way to hospital…police are interrogating the husband to know his motives for the crime,” Okaz daily said in a report from the western Saudi town of Taif.

8-year jail, 1,800 lashes for attempted rape

A Saudi court sentenced a local university student to eight years in prison and ordered him lashed 1,800 times after he was convicted of trying to rape am Arab baby sitter at his uncle’s home in the Gulf Kingdom.

The woman’s husband had reported the student to the police after his wife told him that he had attacked her and tried to rape her.

“The student was arrested two months after his crime…the court sentenced him to eight years in jail and 1,800 lashes which he will get in batches,” the Arabic language daily Sharq said in a report from the western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

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