Man rejects 3,000 pleas to pardon dad’s killer

A Saudi man rejected pleas by 3,000 local tribe leaders, Moslem scholars and dignitaries to pardon his father’s killer who could be executed after spending 18 years in prison, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Nearly 3,000 tribe chiefs, Islamic clerics and dignitaries converged on a massive tent for a meeting with Rashid bin Faraj Al Subaei to plead with him to accept diya (blood money) and save the life of his father’s murderer.

The guests included Amal, the little daughter of the killer, Awad Al Harbi, who married while in Jail. She came holding a board written by her, saying :”I pray to God that Rashid bin Faraj will pardon his father’s friend.”

Sabq newspaper said Subaei was a friend of the victim before they had a fight and killed him in their western town of Kharma 18 years ago.

It said that at the end of the meeting on Saturday, Rashid Al Subaei stood up and told the guests he would not pardon the killer “I demand that he is punished in accordance with Sharia (Islamic law),” he said.

Under Sharia (Islamic law), which is strictly enforced in Saudi Arabia, a killer can be saved from the gallows and walk free if pardoned by the victim’s family in return for diya, which is set at

Dh3,000 in the Gulf kingdom. But the victim’s relatives are allowed to demand any sum they want.


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