Rebuffed child commits suicide

A Kuwaiti child committed a suicide by hanging himself at home after his mother refused to take him with her when she went out for shopping in the oil-rich Gulf emirate, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed boy, whose age was not specified, had begged his mother to let him accompany her just before she went out of the house in Jahra neighbourhood in the capital Kuwait City, Alwatan said.

The boy was later rushed to hospital and doctors initially said it was an accidental death, the paper said, quoting police.

“Forensic examination later revealed a stunning reality…the boy’s death was caused by hanging as he had committed a suicide.”

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Maid held for torturing child with hot knife

Saudi police arrested an Indonesian housemaid for using a hot knife to torture the three-year-old son of her employer in the Gulf Kingdom.

The child’s father reported the maid, in his 40s, to the police after noticing his son had many burns and bruises on his body and limbs.

“Police are investigating the maid although the father said he was sure she was torturing his son,” Sabq daily said in a report from the western town of Taif.

Drunk man storms mosque to lead prayers

A drunk man stormed into a mosque in Saudi Arabia and told the old Imam (prayers leader) to move back so he can lead worshippers.

When the frightened Imam moved back and the drunk man began leading prayers, all men behind stopped praying and told the drunk to get out.

“The drunk man shouted at them and ordered them to resume prayers..…but they threatened to call police. He then backed off and left the mosque,” Kabar newspaper said in a report from the western town of Taif.


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