Saudi colonel beaten up by Pak airport security

Courtesy: Geo News

A senior Saudi army officer was beaten up by Pakistani security men at Islamabad’s international airport in front of his two sons, prompting the country’s leaders to condemn the attack and order the arrest of those responsible.

Colonel S. Al Shahri, a pilot in the Saudi armed forces, was with his two teen age sons at the airport in the Pakistani capital when a security officer slapped his little son for entering a banned area inside the airport lounge.

Shahri rushed to the Pakistani officer and rebuked him, prompting that officer to hit him on the back of his head with his gun.

Shahri was stunned by the blow and angrily presented his military ID to the Pakistani officer, who pushed him away. He was then joined by other airport security men, who attacked the Saudi officer and beat him up.

Before he was rushed to hospital with a bleeding face, Shahri phoned the Saudi Ambassador in Islamabad, Abdul Aziz al Ghadir, who came to the airport and demanded an urgent investigation into the incident. Ghadir then informed high-level Pakistani authorities and demanded action against those responsible.

“The Pakistani prime minister and the interior minister as well as other government officials denounced the behavior of the security men at the airport and ordered an immediate investigation,” the Saudi Sabq daily said.

“Official sources said that the Pakistani officer and the others involved in the attack on the Saudi officer have been arrested…senior Pakistani officials have asked the airport to present a detailed report on the regrettable incident.”

The paper said Shahri, 43, has been in Pakistan for a one-year military course and that he went to the airport to bid farewell to his 17-year-old son, Yousuf, who was returning to Riyadh. It said Sharhi is due back home within two weeks.

“He was saying good bye to Yousuf when his younger son, Marwan, stepped into a banned area in the lounge….the Pakistani officer rushed to the boy and slapped him…Shahri rebuked the officer and said his is only a child….the officer angrily retorted ;’he is a child as you are.”

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