Saudi girl in movie-style rape saga

An 18-year-old Saudi girl who knew a man through Facebook finally agreed to his request to see him near her house in the Gulf Kingdom late night.

As the two talked until dawn just outside the house in the western Saudi town of Makkah, the girl’s father suddenly came out and headed for the nearby mosque, scaring his daughter off and pushing her to get into that man’s car.

The 22-year-old man then drove her to a nearby mosque and asked her to wait there until he returns with an abaya (gown) for her so she can nip back home. But he had not realized that her father had seen his daughter and taken his car plate number.

When the man was late in coming back to the mosque, the girl nipped out and waved for a passing car to take her home. But the driver told her it was still dark and that he could take her to sleep at an empty apartment before taking her home.

The girl made the mistake of her life when she trusted that man, who took her to a flat owned by a friend. There, she was raped and dumped out of the apartment.

Sabq newspaper said police later arrested the rapist, his friend and the man who took her to the mosque but did not make clear if the girl would also be prosecuted.


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