Saudi Romeo stuns friend with sister’s pic

Friend chases him with knife but was later pacified with marriage offer

A Saudi man dubbed Romeo in his neighbourhood for boasting about his numerous girl friends got the shock of his life when he showed a friend the latest girl he has just known - for she was his friend’s sister.

Romeo was dining with his childhood friend, also Saudi, at a restaurant in Riyadh at night when he give him his mobile phone and asked him to see his latest girl friend. Once his friend saw the picture, he went pale.

“Without saying anything, he slapped Romeo then jumped on him and started punching him……he then went into the kitchen and brought a big knife,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Alsaudi said.

“Romeo ran away but his friend chased him…he later went home but he still chased him and wanted to stab him.”

The paper said the girl’s brother was pacified after Romeo’s father came out and promised him that his son would marry his sister.

“He also offered him to marry one of his daughters…the man suddenly calmed down and promised to think about that offer.”

Girl who dumped infant 16 years ago repents

A Saudi girl who dumped an infant she delivered after an illegitimate affair said she had repented her mistake and indicated she is willing to have the boy back.

The girl made the confession in a brief remark she wrote on the website of Al Amal (hope) complex for mental health in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Without identifying herself, she revealed that she had that baby 16 years ago as a result of an illegitimate relationship and that she dumped him at an obstetrics hospital in Riyadh before disappearing.

The girl said she had abandoned her child because she feared she would be shamed by her people and prosecuted by authorities.

“I feel very sorry now for abandoning my baby...I had thought many times of going back to the hospital to ask about him but I could not....I am writing this so you can advise me what to do,” she said in her message, a copy of which was published by the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq.

Camel in court for ownership dispute

Police man guarding a court room in Saudi Arabia tried to stop a man going in with his camel before the judge told them to let him and his animal in.

The judge had asked the farmer to bring his camel to the main hall in the court building after an old man claimed the farmer had stolen it from him.

But the farmer told the judge that he had bought the camel from another man nearly three years ago while the old man insisted it was his camel.

“Bringing the camel to court did not resolve the dispute…the judge adjourned hearings and asked the farmer to bring seller and a witness to court next time,” Ajel newspaper said in a report from the northern town of Tabuk.

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