Step-mom kills daughter with chilly sauce bottle

A woman used a chilly sauce bottle to kill her step daughter just as they sat to have their dinner at their home in Saudi Arabia.

Rozan, 10, was rushed to hospital with head injuries and doctors had raced against time to save her life.

Her father and his wife had claimed she could have been poisoned by food and fell on the ground but forensic tests showed she had died of brain haemorrhage due to a blow by a sharp object.

“Tests showed there were glass shreds on her head…police discovered later that the girl had been hit by her step mother by a bottle of chilly sauce,” Sabq newspaper said in a report from the western town of Makkah.

It said examination also showed the girl had been subject to systematic torture at home as her body was covered with bruises.

Lawyers for the girl said they would ask court to strip the father of his custody of three younger children because of his negligence and failure to protect them, adding that they should be handed to their grandmother.

Egyptian driver kills wife in public

An Egyptian driver has been sentenced for stabbing his wife to death with a sword in public.

The police received a tip off from the hospital staff which received the body of a woman with deep wounds.

Investigations revealed that the woman had been murdered by her husband.

The husband identified as SS was suspicious that his wife was cheating on him. SS decided to take his revenge after confirming that his wife was in a relationship with another man.

He carried a sword in his car and upon seeing his wife on the crowded streets he rushed towards her and stabbed her several times. SS confessed to the crime while in police custody for 15 days.

Mom drowns infant as partner watches on Skype

NORWAY: A woman in Norway wanted to discipline her one-year-old-infant and hence drowned her in a bucket while her British boyfriend watched the gruesome proceedings live on Skype.

The Norwegian woman, Yasmin Chaudhry, married to a Pakistani national, wanted to teach her baby daughter a lesson for 'disobeying' her, reports Daily Mail.

The 26-year-old mother told the emergency medical professional the baby had fallen into the bucket by accident. However, when pressed by suspicious police officials, she revealed that she was asked to kill her baby by the boyfriend, the Mail said quoting The Sun newspaper.

The woman and her partner, whom she met over the interent, claim their intention was never to kill the infant. However, when the baby was pronounced dead by paramedics, they got scared and decided to hatch a story as a cover-up. The boyfriend is also being questioned over the matter.

Meanwhile, horrified officials have taken the woman's five-year-old son into care following the incident in October 2010.

The woman is estranged from her husband

Mother kills daughter to protect family name

An Egyptian mother killed her 20-year-old daughter who was in love with a man from another village, 'Al Wafd' reported.

In an attempt to protect the honour of the family, the 47-year-old mother allegedly planned a plot with the help of her elder daughter, son and her nephew to kill her younger daughter named WHM.

The police received information from a hospital informing them about the mysterious death of a girl whose body they had received.

FA was soon arrested when she confessed to the crime and revealed that she had forcefully taken WHM to her sister’s residence. Her youngest son and elder daughter also accompanied them.

With the help of her son she tied WHM while the cousin forced her to swallow toxic substance.The girl died on the spot.

In order to make the murder appear like natural death, the two children along with the mother changed WHM’s clothes and then put her body in bed.

Investigations revealed that WHM was in an illicit relationship and FA committed the crime to protect the family name.



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