Teen raped by Instagram friend

A 14-year-old Saudi girl became the latest rape victim of online seduction by a man who traveled hundreds of miles in the Gulf Kingdom to commit that crime.

Pretending that he liked her and would love to see her, the man from Eastern Saudi Arabia got into his car and drove all the way to the Southern town of Abha, where the little girl lives. He then phoned and told her he was waiting near her house.

The unsuspecting girl went out to see the man she has just known but got the shock of her life when she found that he was not as nice as he was on Instagram.

“He dragged her into his car and took her to an apartment he had just rented for his evil plan…he raped her despite her pleas to let her go,” Sada daily said.

It said the girl managed later to flee the flat and walked on the road crying before she was picked by an old man, who took her to the police. It said police arrested the man a few hours after he raped the teenager.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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