Teenagers rob pharmacy at gun point

New video

Old video

A new video has gone viral on social media where two teenagers can be seen robbing a pharmacy in Saudi Arabia at gun point.

The new video shows one of the suspects’ arm was broken and wrapped in the bandage.

The video reminds of a similar style of robbery which took place in a Saudi pharmacy in 2012 when two teenagers attacked the pharmacy staff with long knives.

The second incident have shocked the social media users.

Many who watched the video blamed violence-filled video games and movies for such crimes.

“It is obvious that they are influenced by video games. The two teenagers in the video were scared and shivering. It is clear that they were also scared while robbing the pharmacy,” said Abdullah, a Saudi man.

Asma, another Saudi woman, said fortunately they did not shot the pharmacists.

“He was close to shot the pharmacist. Luckily he didn’t, otherwise he would have spent the rest of his life in jail.”

Others on the social media suggested that pharmacies and other shops must be linked to police operation room through advanced warning systems.

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