Video: Greedy thief exposed, chased

A thief targeting a woman inside a mobile phone shop in Saudi Arabia managed to stealthily pinch money from her handbag but he was exposed by his greediness.

A YouTube film published on social media showed the thief grabbed money and other items from the woman’s handbag as she and her two friends were turning their back to bargain with the shop owner.

The woman was not aware that she was being robbed, but felt it when the thief kept returning his hand into her bag for more loot.

When she angrily turned towards him, the man fled out of the shop but was chased by the three women and the shop owner.

At the end of the film, a large sticker appeared hung at the door reading “sincerity and honesty” are our slogan.

It was not clear where in Saudi Arabia the incident took place.

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