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Thief abandons his partner in crime at site

A thief fled leaving behind his partner when he saw the house owner walk towards them, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The incident took place on December 24, 2015 at around 3.30am.

MR, 54, an Irish pilot, who woke up hearing noise from his kitchen, testified in court, “I called my son as he has the habit of eating late at night. But when I got no reply from him, I headed to the kitchen and saw a stranger who was holding my wife’s purse.”

“I shouted and chased him. He managed to get out and ran towards a white four-wheeler that was waiting for him. However, the driver of the car left just as he was attempting to get inside. Perhaps, the driver saw me and sped away leaving behind his accomplice,” said the pilot.

The suspect fell down in the impact and the pilot managed to nab him, but not before a scuffle.

“The thief pulled a blade and stabbed me 15 times,” said the victim.

Meanwhile, the pilot’s daughter called the police, who arrested the 24-year-old Emirati suspect and took the pilot to hospital.

The car’s driver, AJ, 32, Iranian investor, was later arrested in a traffic-related case.

The Iranian admitted to driving the Emirati to the house to steal.

Forensic report confirms the pilot received about 15 wounds, some on his face.

The court will reconvene on May 29.