Wife elopes with lover, husband stabbed

Colombo: A suspect, who broke-in to a house at Pahala Vitiyala area in Thihagoda and attacked a person with a pole and stabbed him, eloped with the victim's wife, 'Sunday Mawbima' reported.

The victim and his wife recently had an argument and their daughter was witness to it. He had the habit of arguing with his wife after consuming alcohol.

During the heated exchange, a man suddenly entered their home and assaulted the 42-year-old victim with a pole and stabbed him with a knife.

The victim was hospitalised but the daughter suffered a shock after witnessing the attack.

During the investigation the Thihagoda police suspected his wife, who was also admitted to the hospital.

The police later revealed that she had told the story of husband’s abuses to her lover. During the interrogation she denied that it was her lover who attacked, saying she was the one who stabbed him.

Police said that while they were investigating about the accused in Kamburupitiya area, the doctors had informed them that the woman, who was under treatment, had fled the hospital with the daughter.

When police searched the victim's home, his wife and daughter was not there. Bu the victim was still under treatment at the hospital, while Thihagoda police continue the hunt for both the woman and her lover for the crime.