11-year-old girl electrocuted while swimming in pool

An 11-year-old North Carolina girl was electrocuted when a current ripped through the pool where she was practicing with a team at a local swim club.

MyFox8.com reports Lauren Cecil was swimming with two other girls Tuesday evening when an electric line snapped and fell into a parking lot at the swim club in Lexington, sending an electric current through the water.

The president of the swim club, Julie Rhodes, she was standing with a group of parents and coaches on the swim deck when she head a loud "pop" and saw the wire fall.

Rhodes says she saw a puff of smoke, so she sent one of the lifeguards to stand by the pool and encouraged the swimmers to get out of the pool for a minute.

The two girls were able to jump out of the pool, but Lauren grabbed the pool ladder.

“When she grabbed the ladder, it looked like a big shock went through her”

Attempts to rescue the girl were hampered because electricity continued to shock lifeguards who were trying to pull her from the water.

“We all tried (to) reach down and grab her and it was shocking us when we touched her, so we ended up having to get the body board," Rhodes tells MyFox8.com. "And got it under her and held her head up with the kick board.”

The lifeguards were able to get Lauren out of the water and perform CPR, but she was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Davidson County Fire Marshall Brad Needham said investigators from several agencies are trying to determine how the electricity was diverted into the water after the power line snapped.

Rhodes tells MyFox8.com Lauren had been on the swim team for three or four years, and the team had been preparing for a swim meet on Friday.

“Lauren seemed to love the swim team. She was there at practice almost every night,” Rhodes said. “Very happy girl. Bubbly… She just seemed like a great all-around girl.”

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