Crazy World: 'Adulterous' wife cries rape

Woman claims rapist threatened to kidnap her son if she did not give in to his wishes

CAIRO: Investigating officials at the Al Sahel Police Station in Egypt had a puzzle to solve when they received a complaint by a man who claimed his wife was raped by a carpenter who was on duty at his home.

According to a report in Al Wafd, the woman convinced her husband that the carpenter raped her and even clicked her ‘naked’ pictures and was threatening to make then public. The 48-year-old man was distraught and immediately filed a police complaint in order to prevent more damage than that was already done.

However, investigations proved a shocker to him!

The 32-year-old carpenter on being quizzed said he had a consensual relationship with the 42-year-old woman.

But the woman persisted that the carpenter forced himself upon her and even threatened to kidnap her son if she did not yield to his whims.

The police charged the woman with adultery.

Husband finds wife in lover’s arms in his bedroom
EGYPT: An Egyptian in a fit of rage on seeing his wife in the arms of his best friend stabbed the duo injuring them critically.
According to Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper, the husband was informed by his neighbour that his best friend was in his house. He immediately returned home and saw his 22-year-old wife in an intimate position with his 31-year-old friend in his house in Al Buhaira governorate.

The duo is critically injured and admitted to hospital, while the suspect has admitted to his crime.

Host rapes late-night party guest

UAE: An Asian sales representative is found guilty of torturing and raping one of his female guests at a party he held at his home.

The Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday sentenced him to 15 years in jail. He will be deported after serving term, reported Al Khaleej newspaper.

The court heard that once the party got over late at night, he carried the victim to his bedroom as she was tired. There he attempted molesting her. When she resisted, he beat her up and raped her.

He, however, said that she had consented to the relationship and alleged that she was a prostitute.


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