Crazy World: Child 'ends life' with dad’s gun

Also: Unlucky thief gets 'unforgettable' lesson

A seven-year-old Saudi boy killed himself when he accidentally pulled the trigger of his father’s gun while he was playing with it, a newspaper reported on Monday.

One bullet hit the boy’s left hand while the other pierced into his heart, killing him instantly at his house in the southern town of Balgrashi, Sabq said.
Police said they were investigating the incident, adding that the father possessed an unlicensed gun.
Teenager molests minor girl
KUWAIT: An 18-year-old Egyptian laborer was arrested for allegedly molesting a 12-year-old girl in Jahra, Kuwait.

According to the girl’s mother the accused  in on a commercial visit visa, convinced her daughter to go with him behind a tent in Jahra where he allegedly molested her. However, she managed to flee from his grips and alerted her mother.

The woman filed a police complaint and the suspect has been arrested.
Unlucky thief gets 'unforgettable' lesson
A teenage thief stalking his next victim was so lucky that it took him just a few seconds to snatch the purse of a Pakistani worker in Saudi Arabia. But luck quickly abandoned him when he lost control of his motorcycle and rammed into a nearby car.
As he fell on the ground, he saw the worker and an army of his friends running towards him. He badly wanted to run away but he could not.
“They recovered the purse and gave him an unforgettable smack…passers-by felt sorry for the boy as he started to beg them to let him go…he promised not to steal again, prompting the workers to leave him,” Sabq daily said in a report from Riyadh.

Severed head on busy road…

Motorists and pedestrians were shocked to see a severed head of a man on a busy road on Saturday. Panic-stricken people called cops and gathered around blocking traffic in the South Indian city of Chennai.

According to a ‘Times of India’ report, a police official was transporting the head of an accident victim on his bike after forensic analysis to a burial ground. The severed head was wrapped in plastic and kept in a bucket and fastened to the side of his motorbike. However, it slipped off the bike’s carrier when the policeman tried avoiding a pothole on the road.
Meanwhile, a police squad came searching for the missing head after sometime and found it amid a crowd on curious onlookers.
Some residents of the city also claim to have seen body parts in other parts of the city. Giving more gory details some onlookers said the head was decomposed, with flesh just on the forehead.
According to reports the man apparently died on August 30 in a traffic-related accident and was unidentified.
Drunk man tries to end life
An Indian man got drunk to sum up his courage and climbed a bridge in Kuwait in a bid to commit a suicide but liquor did not work as he gave up and handed himself to police.
Shocked passers by tried to dissuade the man who was threatening to hurl himself off the high bridge in Kuwait City but he kept up his threats.
“Police later arrived and talked to him…he kept shouting the words ‘I’m scared…I’m scared’….he then handed himself over to them and was taken into custody on charges of getting drunk and attempting a suicide,” Alwatan daily said.
Girl kills baby sister with pencil

A five year old Saudi girl killed her one year baby sister with a pencil. She killed her sister out of jealousy reported Saydaty net.

The family rushed the baby girl to Jeddah hospital but the baby died on her way to the hospital.

Saydaty website quoted, "The father and the mother of the baby girl is in a state of shock and amazement. They were transferred to the psychiatric department to be able to contain the death of their baby."

The Lawyer and legal advisor Abdel Aziz Al-Nukaly said that the five year child will not be held guilty as she doesn't recognize the crime she committed.

Wife sets fire and locks door to burn hubby to death

A Saudi woman confessed to have murdered her husband more than two months after he died in a fire at his house in the Gulf Kingdom.

The man, in his 50s, had succeeded in breaking his bedroom door and escaping the blaze but he returned to the room to die after forgetting his car key.

Police had decided that the fire was an accident according to family statements before they reopened the case following a report by the civil defence that the bedroom’s door was locked from outside, according to Sabq newspaper.

During interrogation nearly two and half months after the man’s head, his 48-year-old wife confessed to have set the fire and locked the door to murder her husband following a heated argument at their house in the western town of Taif.

“She told investigators that she set the bedroom on fire by burning furniture items near the door…she said that her husband finally succeeded in breaking the door and leaving the room but he returned to get his car key…she said that he died after the room’s roof fell on him,” the Arabic language daily said.

Drunk woman warns police of 'surprise'

When an Iraqi woman was arrested along with her brother and another man for drunkenness in Kuwait, she threatened to take action against the police.
The police men still drove the three to their station but were curious about the woman’s threats when she said to them “you will see what I will do to you.”
“They asked her what she will do….she angrily replied‘I’m not telling you now…it’s a surprise…you will know tomorrow,” Alanba daily said.
It said the 24-year-old woman, her brother and the man from another Gulf country were jailed on charges of being drunk and possessing liquor in their car.

Dad impregnates girl; family kills him

Residents of Al-Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza Strip abducted an inmate from prison and killed him.

According to a report in Al Jareema, 44-year-old ZA was arrested on charges of impregnating his minor daughter.

The family of a 16-year-old school girl one fine day discovered the teenager was in advanced stage of pregnancy.

Upon being quizzed, she revealed that her father had been repeatedly raping her whenever his wife was not at home. The unemployed man had assured the girl that she would not get pregnant.

The family handed over him to the police who pressed charges against him and put him behind bars.

However, tribe members, including the girl’s family, were not satisfied with the punishment he received and decided to kill him. So they abducted him from jail, murdered him and dumped his body.

Days later, cops found the body as stray dogs were at it.
Wife burns 'lover brother' who clicked her nude pics
An Egyptian housewife is accused of burning her brother-in-law to death.
During investigations, the 21-year-old woman revealed that her brother-in-law forced her to have a sexual relationship with him, reported Al Jareema.
However, the man denied the accusations, saying whenever his brother was out, the woman invited him to sit close and watch TV with her. And on one such day, she confessed to be in love with him and started an affair.
This allegation was rejected by the woman, who said that the brother-in-law not only sexually harassed her but also clicked her nude pictures. It was when she learnt that he was showing them to his friends, that she decided to burn him to death.
She has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

Dozens of girls 'friended' on Facebook and used as sex slaves

When a 14-year-old girl received a Facebook friend request from an older man she didn't know, she accepted it. It was the beginning of a story that is repeating itself as sexual predators find new ways to exploit Indonesia's growing obsession with social media.

The junior high student was kidnapped by the man, locked in a small room and raped repeatedly. She had been told she would be sent to an island known for child sex tourism but ended up being freed.

In the month since then, there have been at least seven other reports of Indonesian girls being abducted by people they met on Facebook. Abductors used that tactic against 27 of the 129 children reported missing this year to Indonesian child welfare officials.




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