Crazy World: Woman burnt lighting cigarette

Teen gang raped, slides down pipe; parents burn epileptic child

The 64-year-old Butler resident of northern New Jersey was in her apartment Saturday afternoon when her hair caught fire. She has severe burns on her forehead, face and neck and was flown to a hospital, where she was listed in serious condition.

Authorities say a woman was seriously burned when she accidentally ignited her hair while trying to light a cigarette.

Authorities are investigating.


Teen gang raped, slides down pipe

A teenager’s love affair turned sour when her lover turned rapist. The 15-year-old eloped with her lover but when he brought in men and raped her, she managed to escape from his trap by sliding down from a drainage pipe of the high-rise apartment and cried for help.

A girl was befriended by a 23-year-old security guard and she soon fell in love with him. Later, promising to marry her, he lured her to his house in Cairo’s Al Sarabia area, according to Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper.

The teenager was shocked when he started misbehaving with her. She alleged that he then called four of his friends to the apartment and they gang-raped her several times and even beat her up for resisting their advances.

However, she gathered courage and slipped out of the window through the drainage pipe and landed at the neighbour’s place. They inturn dropped her back safely at her parents’.

Her father later filed a police complaint alleging that the men also tortured his girl and that she had burn marks on her right arm.

The girl told investigating officials that she eloped with her lover because her father did not agree to the relationship.

The four men -aged between 16 and 30 years – have confessed to the crime. They have been referred to the Public Prosecution.


Parents burn epileptic child 

11-year-old boy who is suffering from epilepsy was admitted to hospital with burn injuries.

During medical examination, doctors found the boy had burn marks on both arms.

When his parents were questioned they revealed that when the boy suffered seizures at night, his mother used incense sticks to burn his hands, following the customs of her village.

Initially the father denied any knowledge and the mother said he sustained those injuries when he fell.

The victim has been suffering from epilepsy for the past four years. According to the parents, the intensity of the convulsions has increased recently.

On Monday night the boy had an attack, he fell hurting his head and nasal bone. His mother could not take him to a doctor as it was too late in the night.

His father stayed at work that night and in his absence the mother followed traditional beliefs of their village and scorched the boy's arms with incense sticks.

The boy is too afraid to speak, refused to utter a word when inquired about his health, reports MidDay.


Body found entombed in concrete...after a month 
Authorities on Friday identified the body of a man who was found entombed in concrete in the backyard of a northeast Georgia home.

The man has been identified as Sean Dugas, 30, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner's office. The body was found Monday encased in a plastic storage container filled with concrete.

Authorities this week charged twin brothers Christopher and William Cormier, 31, with murder in the death of Dugas, a former newspaper reporter in Pensacola, Fla. The Cormier brothers are also charged with concealing death.

"It's a little hard to wrap your head around it," said Kris Wernowsky, who worked at the Pensacola News Journal, where he sat next to Dugas for about three years. "I've worked there for so many years and covered many things in Florida. You never would have thought you would go to a website and click on a story about someone you know. ... It's heartbreaking."

Dugas' dreadlocks and bushy long beard helped him stand out easily in the Pensacola area on the Florida Panhandle, Wernowsky said. Dugas had covered a wide variety of topics, including breaking news and entertainment, the newspaper said on its website.

Dugas worked for the News Journal from 2005 to 2010, rising from a clerk to a police reporter.

"He was a good breaking-news reporter," Wernowsky said. "He was the type of guy who was eager and loved his job. I rarely heard about him complaining about anything."

Winder, Ga., police officer Chris Cooper said this week that medical examiners declared the death a homicide based on the number and location of the man's injuries. The autopsy revealed that the man died of blunt force trauma to the head about a month ago.

Georgia authorities on Monday arrested the twins at a home in Winder that was being rented by their father. Winder is a small city located about 45 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Police said Dugas had been reported missing and was last heard from on Aug. 27, when he made plans to have lunch with a friend the next day.

When the friend went to pick him up for the meal, he wasn't home. After trying unsuccessfully for days to reach Dugas, the friend went back to his house on Sept. 7 to find it empty. Neighbors told her a U-Haul truck had been there Sept. 3 and they saw at least one man removing things.

That man told the neighbors that Dugas had been beaten and was going to live with him, police said.

The female friend continued to try to reach Dugas before calling police on Sept. 13.

Based on information provided by Pensacola, Fla., investigators, Winder police found the body at the Georgia home being rented by the Cormier twins' father, who told police his sons had arrived from Florida about three weeks earlier. They told him they were supposed to take care of their missing friend's dog. However, they supposedly claimed they'd ended up killing the dog and burying it in their father's backyard, police said.

"There is so much that is not known," Wernowsky said. "There are so many empty spaces for a lot of us. I didn't know any of his family, and I feel sorry for their loss. What a horrible way to end your life."


Man rapes and murders brother's wife

EGYPT: Taking advantage of his brother’s absence, a man raped and murdered his sister-in-law and then made it appear to be a theft attempt, reported Akhbar Al Hawadeth newspaper.

The accused knocked on the door with complete knowledge that his brother was not at home. But his sister-in-law refused to let him in.

As she went inside to call her husband, he followed her into the bedroom. To stop her from dialing the number he held her hand and then thrust her upon the bed and raped her.

He ignored the the woman's pleas who repeatedly cried out that she was his brother’s wife.

Until she fainted, he raped her continuously and then to make it appear like a theft he strangled her to death using a scarf. But that was not all; he also placed the gas cylinder’s hose pipe into her mouth.

Finally, he made away with some jewellery from the cupboard.
A couple of days later neighbours found the body of the housewife and reported it to the police. They also informed them that the last person to be seen leaving the apartment was her brother-in-law.

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