Crime: Man surrenders with sister's head in hand

Brother severed sibling's head with sword in honour killing

INDIA: In yet another case of honour killing in India, a 29-year-old man severed his siter's head with a sword in full public view in the state of West Bengal.

The sister who was married with two children had recently run away from her marital home and decided to live with her lover who was a mere rickshaw puller. Enraged at this humiliating act, the brother decided to take matters into his own hands, reports NDTV.

Even though the woman's family had filed a police complaint, the brother tracked her whereabouts and dragged her out of her lover's home in broad daylight and used a sword to kill her in a fit of rage.

He later surrendered to the authorities in a dramatic manner by holding on to his sister's head.

Father kills young son in accidental shooting

WASHINGTON: An American man getting into his truck while holding a gun accidentally shot and killed his seven-year-old son Saturday, police said.

The tragedy occurred in East Lackawannock Township, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

The father was identified as Joseph Loughrey, 44, and his son, who was shot in the chest, was named Craig, according to a statement from the Pennsylvania State Police.

The father and son were getting back into their truck after visiting a gun store called Twigs Reloading Den.

Loughrey told police he had emptied the magazine of his handgun but did not realize there was still a bullet in the chamber, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported. (AFP)

Dad and friends sexually abuse six-year-old girl

INDIA: A 40-year-old man has shocked the entire community in Kerala after it came to light that he has been abusing his six-year old daughter for the last six months.

The girl's mother filed a police complaint against the father and even alleged that the father would force the little girl to drink alcohol, NDTV quotes Press Trust of India.

The girl's parents were separated and when it became tough for the mother to manage to minor daughters, she asked her estranged husband to take care of one of the daughters.

The incident came to light when the girl started displaying behavioural problems. She was taken to a paediatrician and psychiattrist. After a few sessions, the girl revealed all.

The girl told the psychiatrist that her father would force her to drink alcohol every day before forcing himself on her.

She also told him that her father even allowed four to five of his friends to abuse her.

This latest incident of abuse and incest has shaken the Malayali community in India.

Brother beats elder brother to death

MALAYSIA: A 17-year-old who had just completed his O-level examinsations was killed by his younger brother at their home in Penang, Malayasia after a fight.

The tragedy occurred when the younger brother was taken to task for teasing their four-year old sister. The elder brother lunged at the younger one and the 16-year-old retaliated by beating the elder one on his head with his fists.

The mother tried to intervene but could not make any difference till the incident turned into a tragedy. She called ehr neighbours to help take her son to a hospital. The elder teenager allegedly suffered from asthma.

The victim died from head injuries two hours after reaching the Penang Hospital, reported Asia One quoting Malaysia's The Star.

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