Dad encourages 3 kids to chop cousin to death

Children chopped victim's body into pieces

The Egyptian police arrested three children after they were convicted of killing their cousin and stealing 5,000 pounds from his possession, according to Al Tahrir newspaper.

Police investigation revealed that the father of the three boys aged 12, 11 and 10 was the culprit behind the gruesome murder. He was the one who incited and encouraged his boys to kill their cousin in his apartment and steal the victim’s inheritance.

Earlier, the police were tipped off by an anonymous person and upon reaching the apartment, they found the body of the 11-year-old victim with stab marks in his chest and abdomen.

The police learnt that the victim’s 37-year-old had master planned the boy’s murder. Hamidou Jalal Hassan is a vendor and he instigated them to commit the crime.

The trio had tried to steal the money from the victim but were caught and warned not to try it again.

However, one of the brothers attacked the victim from the back in vampire style and contained him by biting on his neck and holding on while the other two got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him.

The killers chopped the victim’s body into pieces and then took the $5,000 pounds from his apartment and fled. The murderers have been put behind bars and further investigation is pending.

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