Daughter asks boyfriend to kill her mom for refusing marriage

I was forced to kill 3 siblings of my girlfriend too: Accused

Egyptian police has succeeded in unraveling the mysterious killing of four members of a Christian family in Al Koshah of Sawhahj governorate of Upper Egypt, reported Sada al Balad and Dostor newspapers.

The police arrested a 22-year old identified as Nasha’at Hatem Rasmy. His surname is Shenouda and he is alleged to be in a relationship with the daughter of the dead family.

The accused confessed that he killed the 4 victims after his girlfriend asked him to kill her mother who refused his proposal to marry her daughter.

The girlfriend is identified as Hana’a Baheej Wasfy.

“I proposed to marry Hana’a but her mother refused my proposal and asked her husband to prevent me from talking to Hana’a.

'Indecent' mom

“I then submitted a video of her mother with some men in indecent position. When Hana’a saw her mother’s video, she asked me to kill her to take revenge and to get rid of her to clear the honor of the family.

Shenouda said he did nott intend to kill the three children. “But unfortunately after I killed the mother, they were in my way of escape… therefore I killed them.”

He said before the crime, “I paid a visit to the mother of my girlfriend [who was 43-years old and identified as Farhana George Attia] where I presented the video I had and asked her not to involve herself in such illicit relationships.

“But unfortunately she was stubborn and refused my advice and asked her husband not to allow me to talk to Hana’a her daughter.”

Shenouda disclosed that he entered the house at 4pm  and said Hana’a closed the door and led him to the place where her mother on the third floor.

He said the mother was the first victim. She was baking bread and was sitting in front of an oven. “I sneaked behind her where I hit her head with an iron bar.

“She fell and I cut her throat with a knife and placed above her body some sticks of reeds.

3 children killed

“While going down the stairs, I was surprised by the 7-year old child girl who was  standing in front of me.

“I was in panic and without thinking I stabbed her several times in the neck till she died.

“I was surprised again by their 10-year old boy [identified Bichoy], who was standing before me dumbstruck after that saw me killing his sister and kept his both hands over his mouth from trauma.

“I tried to slice his neck but he resisted and I stabbed him in the abdomen till he died in my hands.

“I never planned to kill the three children, but what was I to do when I finished killing the mother I found them in my way. The third victim Mary [13-years old] was on the stairs and tried to run away, but I didn’t give her a chance to escape and killed her.

“ I carried the three victims and put them in the kitchen on the third floor and went out of the house and got rid of the tools of crime,” he said.

The crime took place when Sawhahj police department received a call from the husband of the victim who is 51-years old identified as Baheej Wasfy, after he found the body of his wife and his three children.

He accused his neighbor Shenouda of murdering the victims because of the refusal of allowing him to marry Hana’a.

The police referred the case to the prosecution which ordered the accused and the daughter to be held in custody for four days pending the investigations.

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