Egyptian family hacks off mum’s lover's body part

A family was arrested in Cairo for chopping off a man’s penis, reported an Egyptian daily.

The 46-year old mother, identified as NZB, was in an illicit relationship with a man identified as MMA who is 38-years old.

The woman had been away from home for a month when her family discovered about the relationship.

NZB’s children and her husband decided to take revenge. MMA was dragged into a nearby village where the men along with three other people cut off his reproductive organ.

The police found the victim after they received a tip off from the residents of the village.

MMA was found in the village with clothes soaked in blood.

The victim and the mother were living together in an apartment purchased by NZB.

Investigations revealed that MMA was interested in NZB only because of her money.

The accused were arrested after four days of investigation.

Saudi busts vice ring run by local woman

Saudi Arabia’s religious police smashed a prostitution ring managed by a local woman from her home without her husband’s knowledge.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had watched the suspected house in the central town of Onaiza for several days before they decided to raid it.

“They arrested several women, a Saudi pimp and a local woman who meets the prostitutes and manages them at her home without her husband’s knowledge,” Alsaudi Arabic language daily said.

"The King of Jinn is calling me”…sorcerer

A sorcerer who was arrested in Saudi Arabia told police to immediately set him free on orders from the “King of Jinn (spirits).”

The Gulf kingdom’s religious police seized the 54-year-old man from the Kazakhstan city of Turkestan while making magic work for a woman in the western town of Makkah, Sabq newspaper said.

“When they caught the sorcerer, his mobile phone began ringing,” the Arabic language daily said, quoting an official from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

“He told them he was receiving a call from the King of jinn in Nigeria ordering them to release him immediately.”

The paper said police arrested the man pending trial on charges of practicing sorcery, which is strictly banned in the conservative Moslem Kingdom, where penalties for such offences could reach execution

Top court drops life sentence for two drug dealers

The UAE’s top court annulled a life sentence against two Asian drug dealers on the grounds they only acted as a go-between in a narcotics sale operation in Fujeirah, newspapers said on Tuesday.

The two had been sentenced to life in prison by a Fujeirah criminal court while another court gave them 10 years before they appealed with the court of cassation, which again sentenced them to life.

After hearing their case, the Supreme Federal Court decided to annual the life sentence and referred their case to another court.

The court said the two only acted as transporters for the real drug dealers—an Iranian and Omani—and that they did not receive any money from the cops posing as buyers in the emirate.

“The two were also not caught red handed and police did not find any tools that are normally used by real drug dealers…the two were also found without any police records…transporting drugs to the presumed buyer is not a concrete evidence they were drug dealers,” the court said.