Father marries teenage daughter to 75-year-old rich man for E£15,000

Teenage girl was also having an illicit relation with her sister’s husband; father pardons both

A teenage girl managed to escape to her brother-in-law with whom she was having an illicit relationship after she was married to a rich 75-year-old man by her father for five thousand Egyptian pounds per night.

The 16-year-old Noura was married to an old rich man for money by her father but she managed to escape after spending three days with the old husband. She went straight to her sister’s husband after the escape as both were involved in illicit relationship for nearly a year and she had become pregnant, said Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper.

Noura was reportedly treated badly by her 75-year-old husband.

The girl’s brother-in-law, identified as Nadi, told police that his wife has four siblings and Noura is the youngest of them.

He said his father-in-law used to marry daughters to rich men in return for money and Noura was also married to this rich old man for 15 thousand Egyptian pounds for three nights.

After Noura was married and her father had received the money, she went with her husband to his flat. She spent three days there and then escaped and contact her brother-in-law to meet in a faraway place, Nadi said.

He told police that Noura had asked him not to disclose the matter to his wife - her sister – and she was in a bad psychological state.

He said he was surprised when she told him that she had escaped and would never go back to her family house and instead asked him to rent a place for her in a village, fearing that she might be married again to an old man in return for money.

Nadi said he rented a small flat where he spent the first night with her where she told him about the tough time she spent with the elderly man for three days. “She said the old man was a drug addict.”

On the other hand, the brother-in-law told police that he was also trying to convince his wife and Noura’s parents that he’s looking for the missing girl everywhere.

Noura’s father came to know when a neighbour saw Noura at a clinic and informed him. Noura had gone to maternity clinic and her baby bump was visible.

The father informed the police and arrested Noura and Nadi. Noura acknowledged that she was having an illicit affair with her sister's husband and was pregnant.

But Noura’s father pardoned both of them and police released them after reconciliation.


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