Man feeds lover's body to pet dogs

Football star torutured the model brutally with loud music playing in the background to drown her screams

BRAZIL: A football star torturned and killed a model and the mother of his love child in order to preserve his reputation.

The Brazilian man who once could have been selected for his country's national team and who played for Brazilian club Flamengo, was having an extra marital affair with the 25-year-old woman.

He was planning to bring up the child with his wife as a poor relative's baby, reports Daily Mail

The man is already behind bars for assaulting and abducting his lover. Now he is being tried for murder. His wife was also involved in the conspiracy to kill her along with seven others. They are all being tried for murder, the daily reported.

While the model was tortured brutally, loud music was played to ensure that her screams drowned out. She was killed for getting pregnant and having the footballer's baby.  He made a human sacrifice out of her for trying to ruin his reputation.

After killing her, the body was allegedly dismembered and fed to the man's pet dogs.
The Brazilian goalkeeper has maintained his stance of 'not guilty' and told the court he has a clear conscience.

Rape victim molested during probe

INDIA: An official of justice whose primary role is to protect a rape victim, became a molester himself in the tiny Indian town of Berhampur.

The man who is in his 50s, sexually abused a 14-year-old victim despite being the juvenile probation officer of the district in West Bengal, reports Times News Network

The seventh grader was raped by a 17-year-old boy a couple of months ago. Since both the victim and the rapist are minors, the case had been forwarded to the juvenile department.

The officer would visit the victim at her residence in her village and on the pretext of investigation, he would order everyone out of the room and molest her. He evn invited her to his office and molested her in the privacy of his room.

Finally, the teenager could not take it any more when she realised what he was up to, and she refused to be left alone with him. The officer threatened to turn the case against her as he stomped off from her residence.

Girl's hair gets entangled in escalator, in coma

BANGKOK: A 12-year-old girl who was visiting a mall in Bangkok is now in coma after her got entangled in the escalator. She had bent down to watch something on the second floor of the mall while the escalator was moving from second to third floor.

Before she could respond, her head had been stuck to the escalator and she lost consciousness on the spot. However, emergency officials were able to revive her breathing and rushed her to a nearby hospital.

the girl had been dropped off by her mother at the mall entrance for a tuition class while she went to park her car. The mother was shocked to see her child's head stuck to the floor of the escalator.

The girl is in coma as a blood clot formed in her brain.

'He can beat you, as he cares for you'

INDIA: A 28-year-old housewife who had filed a complaint of domestic abuse against her husband never expected the to receive a sermon of the kind that she did.

A Karnataka High Court judge told the woman in his judgment that since her husband cares for her, he beats her up.

According to a report in Mid-Day, the judge asked her, “Why are you still talking about his beatings? I know you have undergone pain. But this is nothing compared to what you undergo as a woman.” 

Women's groups are up in arms over the judge's words and they claim that if an intellectual person like the judge believes that a husband beating his wife is alright, who will then protect the women!

The woman refused to return to live with her husband.

Fake cigarettes contain human excrement and dead flies?

BRITAIN: They also contain mould and dead flies. These fake cigarettes cost the taxpayer billions of dollars.

One-third of cigarettes found by investigators who went rummaging through dustbins for proof of scale of illicit trade in Britain, were found to be contraband products, reports Daily Mail

Daily Mail confirmed: "The survey in Birmingham by MS Intelligence, a Swiss-based brand protection company, found that 30.9 per cent of packets were either bogus or purchased abroad."

This study also shows that number of fake cigarettes being smoked in Britain has simply doubled within a year. Smokers have been warned about the risks they are taking with their lives on smoking those fake cigarettes which contain  asbestos, mould, human excrement and dead flies.

The smuggled goods are packaged so well that it is almost identical to the real ones. These goods originate in Far East, mostly China.

A lot of criminals who used to trade in drugs earlier, have now moved to smuggling fake cigarettes as it is less dangerous for them and in case they are caught, the punishment is less severe.

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